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Plastic Extrusion Machine : How it Shape Diverse Industries


At Chen Yu, we're not just plastic extrusion machine manufacturers. We're passionate innovators, pushing the boundaries of what plastic can do. For over 30 years, we've helped businesses across industries unlock the incredible versatility and efficiency of plastic extrusion technology.

Building the Foundation:

Imagine towering skyscrapers and charming cottages - both rely on our machines to produce robust, precisely shaped building materials. From PVC pipes to decorative ABS trims, we empower construction with durable, aesthetically pleasing profiles that stand the test of time.

WPC Profile by Extrusion Machines

Elevating Interiors:

Step into a beautifully designed space, and you'll likely find our handiwork woven into the furniture. Our machines craft functional and visually stunning components in PVC, ABS, PP, and PE, enhancing the comfort and style of homes and offices alike.

Redefining Comfort:

Step into a luxurious bathroom, and the sleek shower door seals or protective edges might just be our creations. We specialize in PVC, TPR, and TPU profiles for diverse bathroom equipment, ensuring both style and functionality in every detail.

WPC Profile by Extrusion Machines

Streamlining Functionality:

From the sink that handles your morning rush to the washing machine that keeps your clothes pristine, our corrugated tubes play a crucial role. We manufacture flexible, durable tubes for countless appliances, ensuring smooth operation and lasting performance.

WPC Profile by Extrusion Machines

Shaping Beyond the Ordinary:

Intricate shapes? Complex profiles? No problem. Our expertise extends beyond the conventional, crafting specialized products in ABS and other materials. Whether it's tubes for unique applications or oil pipes with specific requirements, we tailor solutions to fit your needs.

Introducing WPC: A Sustainable Twist

Our plastic extrusion machines don't just work with plastic; they embrace the future with WPC (wood plastic composite) profiles. Combining the strength of wood with the resilience of plastic, WPC offers eco-friendly beauty for countless applications:

  • Building materials: Siding, decking, and more, built to last with style.
  • Furniture: Strong, lightweight, and easy-care pieces for your home.
  • Bathroom equipment: Shower doors, bathtubs, and fixtures that shine with functionality.
  • Retail: Eye-catching and practical display racks and shelving.
WPC Profile by Extrusion Machines

Chen Yu : Your WPC Partner:

With over 30 years of experience specifically in WPC profile extrusion, we're the experts you can trust. Our WPC Profile Machines handle a wide range of shapes and sizes, and our satisfied customers include furniture makers, building material manufacturers, and more. We're dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with sustainable, innovative solutions.

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